Business hotel with Japanese breakfast and Open-air hot tub



【Azumaya Hanoi / Da Nang / Hai phong 】Monthly promotion with Open air bath $500/month~

Thank you for always supporting us.
Azumaya Hotel started ” monthly promotion with Open air bath ”.
It is a special promotion that has the same life as an apartment, with an open-air bath, Japanese TV, and daily room cleaning.
Breakfast and laundry services are available as an additional service !
Please take this opportunity to enjoy Azumaya Life.

Additional service (+10%VAT)
・Breakfast +$150/month
・Laundry (100,000/day) +$100/month
・Minibar drink +$50/month

・pre – payment or company contract
・show your passport at check-in
・Reservation period : until the end of October 2021

Please email us with your preferred date.
・Hanoi (Linh Lang branch)
・Da Nang
・Hai phong