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Payment is required upon check-in from September 1st 2020

Dear our valued guests,

We deeply appreciate for your kind support and attention to Azumaya Hotel.
From September 1st 2020, the payment for accommodation fee is required upon check-in.

For the service fees which are occurred during the stay, we accept the payment while
staying or upon the check-out.

If there is no payment remaining, please return the card key to the front desk when check out.

Upon the payment, please refer to the exchange rate policy as below.
The hotel rate upon check in date for non-contractor.
The selling rate of Vietcombank at 6:00 upon check in date for contractors

We hope to have our guest with higher satisfaction and more comfortable stay at

Azumaya Hotel.
If there is any inquires, please contact to us.
Azumaya Hotel Management Board